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Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Became the First Three-Star Green Conference and Exhibition Building



Recently, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center achieved the Certificate of Three-Star Green Building Label and became the first truly green conference and exhibition venue in the country.
Green building certification, the highest level official certification of China's architectural industry, is organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It is rigorously reviewed according to the Green Building Evaluation Standards (GB/T 50378-2014) and other relevant documents. It is divided into two parts: design label certification and operation label certification. Each part is set with seven review stages and three levels. For each level, only when an applicant reaches specified standards can it achieve the certification.




The Three-Star Green Building Label achieved by the center is the highest level certification. In September 2015, the center passed the rigorous review and achieved the first Three-Star Green Building Design Label, setting a benchmark among newly built conference and exhibition venues in the country. The review for the Three-Star Green Building Operation Label is more stringent, because the application qualification requires at least one year of official operation. The center prepared in advance and made the application immediately after it was qualified. With the concerted efforts of the operating company, the construction company, the general contractor and the design company, it finally achieved the certificate.
During the green building review, the expert jury repeatedly carried out on-site inspection and investigation and listened to reports from the center, and they highly commended the actual operational effects of eco-friendly technologies in the center. For example, big data monitoring systems like the energy management system put cutting-edge technologies into better use. The review results showed that the energy efficiency rate of the center is 69.3%, and that all indicators are above the standard level, so it is genuinely a green building.
It is worth mentioning that since APEC China 2014, the center has undertaken more than 350 conferences and exhibitions of various types and received more than 400,000 guests. Despite the fact that the center has been put into such intense use, all employees of the center still do not forget why they started and uphold the philosophy of green development throughout their work on the basis of ensuring the normal operation of the venue and successfully holding events for clients. Moreover, it actively introduces relevant systems and strictly abides by them, reflecting the sense of social responsibility that contemporary companies should possess.




Situated in an area for international exchange by the Yanqi Lake, the center has always adhered to the highest standards of ecological and environmental protection. Not only has it been highly commended by relevant government departments, but it has been recognized by clients. In the future, the center will continue to adhere to the philosophy of sustainable development, actively try new eco-friendly technologies and models, and discover a path of green development suitable for itself as well as the area around Yanqi Lake.

BYCC is invested and constructed by Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co., Ltd., and operated and managed by North Star Events, a leading convention and exhibition brand worldwide. Located in the Yanqi Lake ecological demonstration zone, Huairou District, Beijing, BYCC is the most versatile international conference venue ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets.

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