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The “Annual Meeting Season” of Bejing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Kicked Off



Just after the start of winter, the “Annual Meeting Season” of Bejing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center kicked off. On November 10th, this year’s first annual meeting “Taikang  Insurance Group Beijing 2017 Annual Ceremony and 2018 Business Launch Conference”, where 2,500 representatives from various regions became the first group to experience the special atmosphere of the “Annual Meeting Season” around the Yanqi Lake.




When it approached noon, in the breeze and gentle sunlight, 50 buses and 30 cars boarded with guests attending the meeting incessantly arrived at the center's parking lot. Guests were guided by a responsible employee to the venue, and what awaited them were delicious meals and heartwarming smile. In the grand assembly hall where the meeting was being held, all guests gathered to review this year’s brilliant achievements, consolidate confidence, clarify the direction of future development, look forward to the infinite possibilities of the new year, and boost morale and inspire the spirit. While taking a walk outside the venue during the tea break, numerous guests were attracted by the blend of traditional and modern architectural style and the complement between natural landscape and cultural ambience, so they stopped to watch and planned to get a photo taken with the center.




Since its opening, the center has received many bookings for the venue of the “Annual Meeting Season”, which starts earlier each year. The first annual meeting involves around 3,000 attendees each year, and many clients are large companies which held events here before. Especially under the influence of important national events such as APEC China 2014, the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and the 8th Beijing International Film Festival, more and more companies have chosen to hold their annual meetings by the Yanqi Lake and experience the high-quality and high-standard annual meeting services. As the only large venue in and around Beijing, the center also debuts a series of client appreciation activities during every yea’s “Annual Meeting Season” and strives to make every client satisfied.




In this year's “Annual Meeting Season”, according to its own advantages, and for the purpose that “every annual meeting should not be botched”, the center promotes the sense of ceremony of the annual meeting and strives to bring different experience to clients unlike previous years’. Based on the advantages of the Yanqi Lake such as international influence, architectural style and environmental atmosphere, it highlights the sublime status of the annual meeting as an important meeting of a company. Moreover, it creates personalized programs for the annual meetings of companies with different cultural atmospheres through in-depth collaboration in terms of the use of the venue, session-by-session arrangement, banquet rituals, costume design, etc.

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