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Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Held another Press Conference and Got Filled with Tech Vibes



On November 16th, Vertiv’s  press conference was magnificently held at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, where 850 guests, clients and media workers witnessed the birth of this new brand. This was also another spark between the center and information technology after Jingdong, Xiaomi, Samsung and other commercial brands held their events by the Yanqi Lake.




On the day of the press conference, the center was imbued with technological vibes from inside to outside. A giant logo sign at the main entrance complemented the exterior of the distinctive venue and looked splendid when it was lit by neon lights, so numerous attendees were attracted and planned to get a photo taken with it; the grand assembly hall was magnificently and elegantly decorated. The host announced the rename of Emerson Network Energy to “Vertiv” and also explained its future development plans and market strategies to the attendees; the exhibition area (indoor circular corridor) was fully configured: it was scattered with exhibition booths of 10-plus technologies as well as the tea break booth and the rest area, so that attendees could enjoy delicacies while learning the latest technological trend.




The center was very clear about the importance of press conference to a brand, so it established a professional team to serve the host. During the cooperation with the host, the center’s team offered a number of rational suggestions on the use of the venue, procedure design and supporting services based the experience from similar events the center had held and its understanding of the information technology industry, and the host was very satisfied with the effects this event achieved. It is worth mentioning that the catering team spent only less than one hour removing the desks for the press conference and setting round tables for the dinner banquet of nearly 1000 people held at the same venue, which was highly commended by the host.




In 2017, the center brought into play its advantages and focused its efforts on the “Information Technology Ecosphere”, and it had held several different types of industrial events, which successfully deepened its influence in this field. In the future, it will continue to give full play to its advantages, seize the opportunity of rapid development of the regional R&D industry, and commit itself to introducing and establishing a number of large-scale conferences and exhibitions of international brands and promote the development of various regional causes in the new era.

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