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BYCC boasts a total of 55 boutique hotels surrounded by a serene environment and beautiful landscape. Inside the center, there is a restaurant called “Yan Coffee" which offers fine Chinese and Western cuisines. Featuring free WiFi, parking spaces, and a full range of supporting facilities, the hotel provides you with 24-hour services to meet all your needs.

Boutique Hotel    Cozy Guest Room

Boutique hotel rooms, hand-picked cozy beds, wardrobes, refrigerators and other household items are all available to bring you homely warmth and comfort; fast WIFI will keep you in touch with the world and dozens of TV channels at home and abroad are available for your selection, which guarantee that you can be entertained and relaxed after business events; a super-large French window overlooks the beautiful Yanqi Lake, which can relax your body and soul to the greatest degree.

Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

BYCC is invested and constructed by Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co., Ltd., and operated and managed by North Star Events, a leading convention and exhibition brand worldwide. Located in the Yanqi Lake ecological demonstration zone, Huairou District, Beijing, BYCC is the most versatile international conference venue ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets.

Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

Integration of Remarkable Venues and Ecological Resources