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/ Combining Chinese and Western Cuisines and Local Delicacies of Huairou

BYCC features a 3000㎡ kitchen, which can simultaneously provide catering services for more than 5,000 people. Its menu combines Chinese and Western cuisines with local delicacies of Huairou. According to different demands, it can provide various kinds of services such as thematic banquets, banquet meals, cocktail parties, buffet, tea break, takeaways and workday bento.

Chinese and Western Cuisines

There are hundreds of special cuisines in BYCC. While maintaining the basic tone of the Chinese banquet which requires “fresh and clean ingredients, simple and elegant style and mellow and lingering taste”, the kitchen staff also keeps the strengths of Western cuisines and pays special attention to the picking of ingredients, the processing and cooking of ingredients and the pursuit of new flavors, thus bringing you a royal treatment.

Cocktail Party

BYCC can hold cocktail parties, which offer dozens of Western cuisines and Chinese dim sum, as well as all kinds of drinks and beverages. It can also hold customized parties for events according to their characteristics to make on-site atmosphere more uniform and highlight their themes.

BYCC is invested and constructed by Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co., Ltd., and operated and managed by North Star Events, a leading convention and exhibition brand worldwide. Located in the Yanqi Lake ecological demonstration zone, Huairou District, Beijing, BYCC is the most versatile international conference venue ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets.

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